We are primarily a summer congregation, with inclusive Sunday services
through July and August in a beautiful historic church building.
Our Archives will give you a sense of what our summers together are like.

preparing for our summer season

preparing for our summer season

Dear Friends,

Let’s all give a hearty “Thank You” to the nine stalwart friends and members of the Washington church who came out last Sunday afternoon, chilly weather and all, to give our church a brush up, clean up and scrub up to get ready for the summer ahead. Thanks to: George Plumb, Art Stukey, Roberta Carrier, Deb Robinson, Harris Webster, Seth Frisbie, Ed Meyer, Edith Poor and, of course, yours truly. (See the photo above!)

We worked hard: dusting and vacuuming upstairs, in the sanctuary and hallways. We cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and swept the winter leaves and debris from the front yard. The weather cooperated and, while it was cool, it wasn’t raining, and inside the church it was quite tolerable. It’s looking really fine and neat as a pin. The winter was a bit hard on our plumbing and we’ll need to replace the tank on our toilet… (thank you, George…and Meg Gourley, who has offered to donate the part!)

We’re planning a Board Meeting, probably on Sunday afternoon, May 17, and all are welcome to attend. We’ll discuss the budget, fundraising and make plans for the coming summer. We’re off to a good start and it’s going to be a good year. M’ellen will continue as our minister, preaching on six of our eleven Sundays, with guest ministers and lay speakers filling the pulpit as well. She has to curtail her time with us a bit, and probably won’t be able to participate in as many non-Sunday activities as in years past. But, she is still committed to our Washington UU community.

In closing, please remember that, as summer approaches, It is time to start thinking about financial support for the church and our programs. I will be sending out a Canvass Letter soon, with more details and a suggested guide for giving. Please give generously. Our church depends on each of us as we go forward in love, hope and joy.

Blessings, all,

Sue Stukey, President

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DSCN0926While we anticipate summer, enjoy this podcast
of the last sermon of the 2014 season,
A Homily on Uncertainty, offered by member Seth Frisbie.


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